Interview: The Crypto Show

The Crypto Show has a new vision for liberty minded people these days, crypto-anarchism.  Abandoning the model of “waking up” 51% of the fat-bellied uninterested and distracted public, The Crypto Show crew hope to inspire the smartest 1% to create open-source, distributed systems of resistance to render the state irrelevant through technology and encryption.

Harlan, Ryan, and Martin had me on the show last Sunday to discuss a range of topics including:

  • Why I got into Bitcoin
  • What are my biggest concerns about Bitcoin right now? (Hint: privacy)
  • My book, Anonymous Bitcoin
  • How Bitcoin can help people circumvent unfair capital controls
  • The Ross Ulbricht case and parallel construction
  • Silk Road and the legacy of the Dark Market Transition Economy

Finance cryptography expert Justus Ranvier joins me part-way to discuss why Bitcoin’s network effect is different from social networks, and much more.