Crypto-currency Client and Tails Compatibility Tracker

A list of popular, Linux-friendly crypto-currency clients, and their tested compatibility with the Tails Linux operating system.

CC Client Compatible w/ Tails? Incompatibility Status
Dark Wallet v0.1.0 No (Tails 1.0) DW is a browser extension; not yet released for Firefox, only Google Chrome.
Bitcoin Core v0.9.2.1 Yes (Tails 1.1.1)
Bitcoin Core v0.9.1 No (Tails 1.0) Issue #3914, Issue #4042. Developers have produced working dev binary for Tails 1.0 (see e-mail).
Bitcoin Core v0.9.0 No (Tails 1.0) See above.
Bitcoin Core v0.8.61 Yes (Tails 0.23, 1.0)
sx 2014/04/10 build No (Tails 0.23) Issue #54 (issue filed by Kristov 2014/04/11)
Multibit 0.5.17 No (Tails 0.23) Dependency does not support SOCKS proxies as of 2014/01/21. Stack exchange link, Issue #272
Electrum (All Versions) No, Cannot Install Dependencies (Tails 0.23)  Issue #648 (issue filed by Kristov 2014/04/11, no fix planned)
Darkcoin-Qt v0.9.1.2-2-g54fd5f3-beta Yes, built for Debian Squeeze (Tails 0.23) Documentation of Kristov’s request and implementation
FedoraCoin-Qt (All Versions) No, users must build for Linux (Tails 0.23) Installation Instructions, Aptitude errors generated by following instructions.

1: Bitcoin-Qt v0.8.6 is not vulnerable to the OpenSSL Heartbleed bug. Although OpenSSL is statically linked in this version of bitcoind, it uses OpenSSL v0.9.8k which pre-dates the 1.x vulnerable versions of OpenSSL.

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